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Secrets out!

So I have another blog over on Blogger.  It’s more of a family blog, as we’re obviously a military family.  We move around, and people like to keep up with us, and the kids.  Who would’ve thought, huh?  So I *try* to keep up with that one, but truth is, it’s not that fun.  And I’m not very diligent about re-counting our every steps.  I’d rather blog about things I’m feeling, or what’s pissing me off, or whatever I want to.  Not about how long my daughter cried that day. Ha.  (Even though there might be some of that here too.)

But anyways this is going to be MY space.  My space to vent.  My space to spell it all out.  Tell it like it is.  If I’m happy, you’ll know.  If I’m sad, you’ll know.  If I’m raging lunatic mad, you’ll know that too.  But no one else knows about this blog, and that’s what I like.  At the moment, I have no fears or reservations about family getting hold of this and reading this and judging me or wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

So buckle up and get ready, because I’m sure you’re in for one hell of a ride as I continue to try to balance my life as a mom and a military wife.  All the while living in Germany!


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